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The Eatery team,
Mel, Drew, Sunny & Kiehyon

Every successful venture has the foundation of a solid focused concept.
With our expertise & experience in hospitality operations, we can enhance your concept and maximise its potential.

We offer the following conceptual development services for you choose from:


Form and function go hand in hand when it comes to a well designed kitchen, bar or dining room. With our team's extensive experience within such notable Sydney establishments as Tetsuya's, Jimmy Liks, Toko and Mr Wong, we understand the importance of a well thought out and executed space. We can offer clients project management and strategic advice in any stage of a venue’s development, including the initial kitchen and interior design. We work with a selection of third-party industry professionals in Architecture and Interior Design to craft spaces collaboratively from begin to end.

Our in-house branding & design team can be engaged as Creative Directors, offering concepts and assistance to the interior fit-out and styling team, to ensure seamless integration with your overall brand vision.

We can manage projects from start to finish, allowing you as a business owner or investor to feel confident that the project will be managed accordingly to the highest standard across each and every aspect of the build and launch. Alternatively, if you are looking for support and guidance to fill the gaps of your own skill set, we also offer assistance at smaller, more tailored capacities to ensure you are getting the best value for your investment. We are passionate about helping like-minded business owners succeed.

A range of services can be offered for Venue Development, depending on the involvement required;


Our operational consulting team helps owners and chefs ensure their food and beverage operations are more profitable and more sustainable for the long-term. We are focused on helping owners stay ahead of the market with big picture thinking.

Our services for Back of House include;


A positive customer experience is make or break for any hospitality venue and is therefore paramount to have correct execution style and mechanics in place, to ensure that the first customer experience is exceptional. By offering customised staff training and development, we can improve overall customer satisfaction by implementing correct service techniques.

We provide hands-on experience tailored to your project scope, including;


Your team is crucial to the success of your business. We offer specialised Human Resources (HR) support, training and guidance to get the best out of your staff and your business, including;


A well executed brand is crucial for any successful business, and hospitality is no exception. Good design is reflected in every aspect of a dining experience; from the architecture, to the look and feel of the menus, the presentation of the staff, signage, digital applications - everything. Every customer touchpoint must be refined and made to reflect the vision of the venue.

Our in-house design team will strategically create a brand for your project, working closely with required third party agencies for specialised services to deliver the best results in content production/copywriting, public relations and local area marketing.

Our full service in-house design team offers;


Our team's experience across some of Sydney's top restaurants and working with some of Australia's biggest hospitality groups, has provided us with the expertise and knowledge to manage and co-ordinate top level food and dining events. We partner with a range of top-notch third party services to provide a superior experience for your guests;

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